REIWAG welcomes Austrian Federal President Dr. Heinz Fischer

REIWAG welcomes Austrian Federal President Dr. Heinz Fischer

On Tuesday, April 12th, 2016, REIWAG had the great honor to welcome the Austrian President Dr. Heinz Fischer and his wife Margit during his state visit in Prague. The visit took place on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of REIWAG Facility Services s.r.o. and the 20th anniversary of KOMWAG a.s. .

Viktor Wagner, majority owner of KOMWAG and owner of REIWAG Facility Services Group, as well as REIWAG managing director Thomas Dittrich had the great honor to inform the Austrian President of the development of the REIWAG companies and the challenging work in the areas of Technical Facility Management, Property Management, Environmental Technology and Facility Services. Wagner: "The great interest of Dr. Fischer to the achievements of our company was exceeded only by his warmth towards all persons present."


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